Meet the Team


Larry Moss, Founder & CEO

Larry started Azimuth Consulting out of his passion for developing leaders and teams towards transformation and growth. With a coaching mindset grounded in the fundamentals of leadership, Larry leads the Azimuth team in catapulting emerging and already accomplished leaders and their teams to the next level of personal and professional growth.

Larry is a published author on multiple leadership topics including Authentic Leadership: The Power of Keeping it Real, The New Normal: Leading and Managing Generation Z Employees
and The Servant Leader's Journey: Lessons for the Emerging Leader.

Larry works one-on-one with leaders at all organizational levels and teams to build a culture of trust and a growth mindset.


Dr. Brett Mers, Coach and Facilitator

Dr. Mers is a retired Air Force officer and former Air Force Academy professor. Dr. Mers has written several works over the years dealing with a range of leadership and management issues.

Selected examples include "Duty, Honor, Country", and "Drinking Chai in a War Zone - Secret Weapon in the War on Terror".

His latest book is "How Shall We Then Vote? - A Case for Reason and Freedom vice Revelation and Zealotry"​.


Sierra Collins, Coach and Facilitator

After 10 years as an educator, Sierra discovered she loved joining adults on their growth journey just as much as youth. Sierra's purpose is to share her passion for growth with others so that people of all ages and backgrounds are inspired to become more effective leaders and lifelong learners, always striving for personal and professional growth.


Melinda Hayman, Coach and Facilitator

Melinda’s passion for leadership began when, at eight years old, she was handed her father’s Army leadership manual at the dinner table. Since then, she has coached, advised, and trained leaders across a wide variety of disciplines to achieve transformational change, both at the personal and organizational levels. She works with clients and teams of all sizes and functions, from one-on-one sessions to groups of several hundred. Melinda uniquely leverages the coaching mindset, core tenets of emotional and social intelligence, and her expertise as an interpersonal communication expert to spark insight, enable action, and increase effectiveness and outcomes.




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